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Online Wine Database, with Recommendations

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snooth.jpgI just ran across an interesting website for people who enjoy wine. It’s called It’s a very handy way to do two things.

First, you can keep track of the wines that you’ve tried and how much you liked them (or didn’t). If you, like me, lack an encyclopedic memory for wine names, you might have a hard time finding a wine that you really enjoyed a year ago. Snooth would help. It tracks not just names but years as well, which is a very handy feature.

Its second function is a little more intriguing: Once you’ve rated more than five wines, it starts to recommend wines that it thinks you’d like, based on your existing ratings and on the ratings of people whose preferences are similar to yours. The system works in the same way that the Netflix system does: the more you rate, and the more raters there are, the better the odds that you’ll get a recommendation that’s accurate. It’s also just as easy to use as Netflix: click on a one-to-five wineglass rating for a wine, and your rating is immediately recorded and remembered.

And yes, for the techie oenophile on the go, it works on the iPhone.

Update:  I’ve now used Snooth a bit and discovered two additional handy features.  One, if there’s a vintage that they’re missing, you can tell them about it — very nice, so that you’re not limited to choosing the 1997 or the 1999 if you really enjoyed the 1998.  Second, you can make a wishlist consisting of wines that people have recommended or that you’ve read good things about but that you haven’t yet tried.  This thing is really growing on me….


Written by Bear

March 1, 2008 at 1:01 am

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