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Really Good Slow Food Weekend

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We didn’t have an event this past weekend, but I really enjoyed some great slow food-ness in our fair city and beyond. It all started on Thursday as I donned my cuter-than-cute rain boots and dragged the Bear out to get pizza before seeing Sabrina at the Ohio Theater, you know, on State Street where they show classic flicks in the summer for $3.50 a ticket!!! The pizza at the new Bono ToGo on Russell (Eleni Christina bakery by day) was something I had to try asap, according to a friend who knows what I like! Bill and Carlos were awesome as we “swam” up Russell to their door. It is a cozy place with just a few tables and chairs, which they usually put on the sidewalk. Pies are Neopolitan and 8 bucks a piece; there are lots of great fresh ingredient options on a relatively thin crust with your choice of fresh pesto or tomato sauce as the base. Bill was lamenting that he didn’t have a wood-burning oven, well, I look forward to trying these in that oven! We never made it to the movie, instead we enjoyed hanging out with the guys and then Peggy while finishing our Nebbiolo grape juice from Burgundy Room (Bono ToGo not technically a BYOB, but…..) and espresso made by Bill. Bill, maybe sometime you will put a fried egg on mine à la Niçoise with seasoned olive oil? Prego????

Next, Friday morning we went up to Fredericktown for a free farm tour offered by OEFFA. Ann’s Raspberry Farm is a Certified Naturally Grown farm that does a u-pick business. Ann and her husband were great hosts answering all of our questions very honestly. This tour was mostly for people that wanted to grow berries or have a similar business. Before the official tour, they took us to a nearby produce auction–culture shock!!! In season, Ann takes some of her berries to this auction. I was simply an observer. If I had had an auction paddle there is no telling what I would’ve ended up with! It had one of those honest-to-goodness auctioneers with the “tongue twisting blah blah blahs, twelve and a half, do I hear thirteen….?” Really funny, they were auctioning off everything from annuals and perennials, pies and other baked goods, chicken and emu eggs, lots of strawberries and greens, etc… I can’t wait to go back when I can pick!!! She makes jam, too. We took the long way home and tried Whit’s frozen custard in Granville. Again in the rain, this was the night we made it to Sabrina at The Ohio!

Finally, Saturday morning I went strawberry picking at Circle S Farm in Grove City (or thereabouts.) I can’t even fathom talking about strawberries at this point because I picked for three hours and brought home 27 pounds of them! As you can imagine, I spent all day hulling and cleaning. That night we were invited to a fellow foodie friend’s (and SFC co-leader’s) home for an outdoor dinner. Yes, I did take a strawberry galette with basil mascarpone cream. It was perfect slow and local food with great company. I hope no one saw my strawberry-stained finger nails. And sorry if we kept you up playing Bocce ball until 2:30 in the morning.


Written by Colleen

June 16, 2008 at 6:52 pm

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