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Ohio Wine Survey

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As a follow-up to our Ohio vs. Michigan Wine Clash event from last November, and in preparation for this year’s Wine Clash II, Andrew Hall, the event’s organizer, has put together a brief survey about Ohio wines. Andrew writes:

Please take a moment to participate in my Ohio Wine Survey. In preparation for the 2nd edition of the Ohio/Michigan Wine Clash, I am gathering data about the perception of Ohio wines and their positioning the marketplace. This information will be used to help us refine the Clash and as a seed to help grow more restaurant and wine retailer participation. The survey is in two parts. The first is 10 questions about one’s experience with and perception of Ohio’s wines. The second survey for which a link will appear when the first is completed is a list of Ohio wine types and wineries to see what people have experience with. There are no commercial interests in this survey. All data anonymous. If you wish to be apprised of the results or participate in further communications, there is a voluntary part of the survey to include your email.

Another impetus of this survey has been the several Ohio wine conferences in which I have participated. “Locavore” and “Slow Food” has been bandied about by the marketing people and my personal opinion is that they have a deep disconnect with their potential markets. Right now, these are just words and trends to them. With that perception, they risk alienating and ultimately losing that audience. Whatever the commercial disposition, this is a bad thing for us as it is going to take a serious recognition of both the values and the market force of the “Slow Food” and “locavore” memes for us to demand better products and to create a change in the whole food system. Over time, I intend to present the data collected in this survey as well as other venues to show the producers, restaurants, retailers and other parties the depth and dynamics of this movement.


Andrew Hall

Please click here to take the survey. It’s not terribly time-consuming, and the results will help comprehend and describe people’s perceptions of Ohio wines going into the next Wine Clash, as well as improve communication between Slow Food and the wine world more generally. Thanks!


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March 17, 2009 at 2:25 pm

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