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Project: Website Transition

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Background. We started the Slow Food Columbus blog using Apple’s iWeb software, but given the impending disappearance of MobileMe, it seems that iWeb will likely be phased out as well. Moreover, iWeb lacks the capacity to generate mobile-friendly websites. Our webmaster has attempted to convert the iWeb site to WordPress, so that the site can be hosted in the cloud (and passed along to future webmasters), but iWeb seems not to be generating the RSS feed necessary for the easiest version of the transition. He has attempted to generate an RSS feed from the iWeb site without success.

State of Project Development. Stalled.

What We Have. One website, written in iWeb, and a hosting service (Dreamhost) that can perform one-click installation of WordPress and other blog engines.

What We Need. Competent, experienced website designers or programmers who can transition our current blog to a new, web-based format, ideally WordPress. Please email the webmaster directly with information.


Written by Bear

February 28, 2012 at 12:31 am

Posted in Projects

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