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Bienvenidos, Rick Bayless

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For most people, April 15 is tax day.  For us this year, April 15 was a little more tense:  It was the day we’d been asked to host a reception for Master Chef Rick Bayless when he came to town for a charity event with WOSU.  A modest little reception… all we needed to do was have some tasty Mexican food on hand.

For a James Beard National Chef of the Year with seven Mexican cookbooks to his name.

We called in the pros.

Rick Bayless with Quicho

When Local Matters contacted us to help with hospitality and promotion, we contacted to find someone who could provide a suitable Mexican food offering in the spirit of the event. Tacotruckscolumbus contacted Quicho, the ever-helpful owner of Taco Nazo, who said, “125 tamales and a couple of cakes by next week? No problem!”

It was a lot to coordinate, and timing was tight.  Success depended on everyone pulling their weight and making the right things happen at the right time.  No pressure… it’s just Rick Bayless… !

The results, if we may be permitted a moment of boastfulness on behalf of all involved, were pretty cool.  Chef Bayless’ time with us was slim, but due to Local Matter’s organizational efficiency, everyone who wanted a signed book got one.  Quicho’s tamales were a hit, not just with the attendees but with the Chef himself.  And, Quicho’s cakes prompted our celebrity guest to take a quick snapshot (which he then proceeded to tweet).

Most of all, though, we got the impression that our guest enjoyed himself.  We can only imagine how many cookbooks the Chef must have signed at events like these by this point, but we’re hoping to have given him a fond memory of this one.

In addition to the aforementioned participants, we’d like to thank the North Market for providing their Dispatch Kitchen for the event, North Market Poultry & Game for the Amish chicken that was incorporated into the tamales, and WOSU for their involvement in bringing Chef Bayless to our fair city in the first place.


Written by tacodrew

April 16, 2010 at 11:51 pm